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What a game!

posted Jan 9, 2011, 6:29 AM by Lyla Goldstein

I hope you enjoyed your win, I'm super impressed with how each of you performed yesterday.  We didn't have very many practices before that first game and you really rose to the challenge.  A few things I consider highlights of the game.

DEFENSE!  We have focused on defense in practice and you guys really performed.  Staying in your positions and fighting for the ball.  It was fun to watch and if we continue to play defense like that we can play with anyone.
TEAMWORK  Everyone got into the game, you were passing to the open player, you were talking to each other on the court about what to do.
HUSTLE and FUN  I saw everyone playing hard and having fun.  It's important to have fun, don't forget it.

I did see a few areas for improvement during the game and I would like to continue having two practices, at least for next week, as we prepare for Patrick Henry and I will revisit the practice schedule after the second game.

1 - Pictures 
As I mentioned, I passed on getting the professional pictures offered through the REC program.  I suspect we have at least one or two parents that are semi professional photographers with high end cameras.  Let's plan on sticking around a few minutes after the game on Sat for a team photo.  Anyone want to be the official team photographer?  That basically means you remember your camera and you scope out a location for the photo.
2 - Wardrobe Malfunctions
We had several last minute uniform issues.  Please remember
     - Shorts without pockets and as we learned no sweat pants (sorry Oliver!)
    - Only plain white tee shirts under the jerseys
    - No jewelry which includes wrist bands/silly bands/rings/etc
3 - No Snacks
You may start to notice a theme here with your coach, but I'm somewhat of a minimalist on these other activities.  We all have enough to do without creating the overhead of snack schedules and special picture days.  Frankly, I applaud all of you for figuring out how to get your kids to and from practice and to the games on time each Saturday.  I know it's not easy.  So, please be sure your kids eat something appropriate near game time and drink water leading up to the games.