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Holy Cow, Game 1 this weekend!

posted Jan 3, 2011, 6:37 AM by Lyla Goldstein
Team, see the countdown on our web site, our first game is scheduled for Sat.  I hope you have it marked on your calendar and you are pumped up to get out there and play in a real game.  We have two practices this week, tomorrow night at MacArthur and Thursday night at GW.  We have many things to cover in preparation for the 1st game, so please try to make these two practices.

Parents and athletes, a few additional thoughts:
  • Team Name: We have NOT named the team.  Tuesday night will be the final lobbying and final vote will occur immediately following practice.
  • Code of Conduct: Please print the code of conduct and have your child read and sign it and bring it to practice this week.  I need to have them all collected for submission prior to the first game.
  • Shoes: I have noticed some of the players practicing in non standard shoes.  I think it's a good idea to get them equipped with a pair of traditional "high top" basketball shoes for both performance and safety.  Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Uniforms/Game Attire: I have the jerseys and I will hand them out at practice this week.  Two important notes:  Only white tee shirts are permitted to be worn under the jerseys.  Shorts can NOT have pockets.
  • Rules: I will be attempting to cover most of the critical rules this week in practice, but it would be great if my athletes and their parents would review them this week as reinforcement.  Click on documents to find a copy of the Rules Document for your review.
  • BE ON TIME: I would like everyone to plan on arriving at the game location 30 min ahead of game time and find myself or assistant coach Leon.  If you do take time to read the Rules Document you will see that players who show up late and still want to play will cost the team a technical foul.  Obviously, we would prefer to avoid giving our opponents easy points.
  • Official Roster: The official roster for team no name is out.  I reviewed it and believe it's complete and accurate, but I posted a copy on the Documents page for your review.