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Dynamite suffers first loss of the season

posted Jan 22, 2011, 12:34 PM by Lyla Goldstein

They got out to an early lead using a half court press that we haven't seen this year.  You didn't give up and we figured out how to counter their press and almost came back to tie it up at the end.  I'm very proud of how all of you played and you should be proud too.

How about the Dynamite cheering section?  I think the Barbour twins imported half the city of Pittsburgh to watch the game today.  That was awesome!

If anyone has pictures of the team they would like to share with the others send them to me and I will post them on the site.  Also, I want to insure that we get team photo.  I will ask that everyone plan to stay after the game on that day to get a photo.  The next game probably isn't going to be good for me, so let's target the game on Feb 5th.  I will send reminders, but please let me know now if anyone knows they are going to be out that week and we will target a different game.

As you are all now probably aware I have injured my Achilles tendon.  I haven't seen a doctor yet, but i will likely have surgery at some point next week and leave there with a cast.  I plan to continue coaching, but obviously this will impact my ability to do certain things.  I will be leaning more heavily on coach Leon to facilitate the practices.  Marc and I talked today and he will be available on Tuesday the rest of the season, so I think we can make it work. 

Thanks Marc!

I will keep you all updated next week as I figure out the schedule of the surgery and initial recovery period and my availability for practice or the game.