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Criminal History Program

The NGBA board has voted to require that all coaches, referees and board members (except high school students) complete a criminal history request form. NGBA submits these forms to the Criminal History Systems Board which provides information on a confidential basis to the NGBA President. The form must be completed in full and returned before an individual can be a coach, referee or board member.  Coaches shall not receive a roster until the form has been submitted.  Please note:
  1. You must include a quality digital photo of a US government-issued ID - e.g. Drivers License.
  2. A completed signed form
  3. Within the text of the email, send the following information in the following order:
    1. Last Name
    2. First Name
    3. Middle Initial
    5. Last 6 digits of SSN
  4. Please email this information t

NGBA's policy on criminal records is as follows:

All Board members, coaches (including assistant coaches), team managers and referees over age 18 shall agree to a criminal background check by completing a form allowing NGBA to request information from the Criminal History Systems Board (?CHSB?). Failure to complete the form shall be considered as reason for exclusion from serving as a Board member, coach or referee. The records shall be obtained by an individual designated by the board (?CHSB Administrator?) and shall be retained in a confidential manner as directed by the CHSB.

Any individual shall be disqualified as a Board member, coach or referee if he/she has a criminal record that includes an open case or conviction for a violent crime, sexual crime, assault, crime involving abuse, embezzlement, drugs or other such crime judged by the board to be of a nature that would be inappropriate for an NGBA representative. After being informed that his/her participation in NGBA activities will not be permitted, an individual may appeal the decision to the NGBA Board by contacting the president or other officer. The president may appoint a subcommittee of the CHSB Administrator, vice president, treasurer, secretary and any other Board member to hear an appeal.